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Yoga is at the heart of everything I do. Yoga means to yoke or unite with all of existence (The Divine). At it's core yoga shows us that we are not separate and that we are connected with all of life.

I find that the true heart of yoga is compassion--practicing compassion for ourselves through deep listening and reverence for our body, our emotions and our spiritual longings. To honor and deeply care for ourselves and others.

From this foundation we discover ways to move our body with joy, ease and grace, exercising in a way that challenges us yet honors our gentle limit. We exercise mindfully, deeply listening to each moment and adjusting to what is called for in that moment. This helps us build our strength and vitality in a safe, sustainable and effective way and also build our trust and faith in ourselves.

Gentleness, kindness, self-compassion, heart, welcoming, grace, self-honoring, reverence, respect.

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