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When creating the logo for my business, I was drawn to the elements of our natural world. The tree pose in yoga (Vrikshasana) represents strength, balance, flexibility as well as earth (grounded and connected to earth), fire (the passion in our hearts that fuels our inspiration and action)  air (the possibility of reaching beyond our current potential to an even greater expression of ourselves) and water (living a life that is resilient --that flows and bends with the breeze rather than breaking). Mindful Body Wisdom emerged as the name because it truly represents the philosophy of my work:

Our bodies hold deep wisdom if we slow down and really listen. In order to live a truly balanced life, we must be

rooted in health (strong foundation)

centered in our hearts (cultivate self honoring /self compassion)

open/ inspired to grow (curious and open to new ideas and influences)

These principles can be applied to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Our bodies are the perfect barometer for our health  and if we can begin to trust in ourselves and truly and deeply listen with our minds and act from the wisdom of our heart we can expand and flourish in unimaginable ways.

I deeply believe that there is incredible power in approaching life with a beginner's mind, so whether you are new to exercise, yoga, meditation and bodywork or a seasoned practitioner, there is a place uniquely for you along this spectrum and it is my honor an privilege to help you cultivate your highest expression of yourself.

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