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Give from your Saucer, NOT your cup!

Raise your glass, your cup, your water bottle, whatever you have handy and stand in front of a mirror and repeat after me:

"I am amazing! I am beautiful! I am strong and I persevere!"

Now... look deeply into your own eyes and say it three times with heartfelt feeling and conviction!

Even if you don't quite believe it, say it again and ACT AS IF you do! And then for the grand finale, raise your glass again and let a beautiful smile, chuckle or giggle arise and take stock of the Blessing that is YOU!

This past year has been a ride that may well continue into the next year, yet one thing remains steadfast and true and that is...

  • the TRUTH of you that is UNSHAKEABLE

  • you ARE a Blessing simply by your birthright

  • you can choose in each moment how you experience life, no matter what outside circumstances prevail

I know it isn't easy sometimes. In fact, it's downright difficult sometimes, but that is why it is so important to stay connected to your Yoga Community, your friends, family, Spiritual Community. Whatever it is that fills your cup to overflowing and brings you joy.

Please watch the brief video above on how to establish a practice of deep self care by serving yourself first!


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