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HOW to be OK, when things are NOT OK.

If you have ever experienced a time in your life that has left you feeling upset, off kilter and anxious, you are not alone.

In times like these, I have found it helpful to engage in a practice I call "Being OK with Not Being OK". It sounds a little contradictory, but I assure you it is a wonderful practice that can create a subtle shift in consciousness and help move you from being reactive to feeling more empowered.

Please remember, deciding to be ok with your feelings about something doesn't mean you agree with the situation, person or thing that has upset you, it simply gives you an avenue to honor how you feel and then creates the possibility for you to live amidst joy and pain, side by side.

For embracing life, means embracing all of life, even our sorrow. The depths of our sorrow reflect to us how deeply we love and care as human beings. Never lose sight of that, for it is often from the seeds of our sorrow that something even more beautiful, loving and powerful emerges.

Watch the video above to gain insight into this practice.


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